Texans are “a well-armed people”!

First of all, I am not a gun nut. Yes, I love hunting more than any of my other recreational activities. Still, I only have three guns, all with the function of hunting. I have been shopping for a pistol, but more because I love shooting than because I feel threatened in my home. Even so, I have a loaded shot-gun just waiting for anyone daring enough to bust down my door. That said, Texas’ new gun law rocks, as does this Washington Post Article:

Sympathy for violent offenders and criminals in general runs low in Texas, underscored by its busy death row. The state leads the United States in executions with 388 since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976 by the U.S. Supreme Court.

A conservative political outlook and widespread fondness for hunting also means Texans are a well-armed people capable of defending themselves with deadly force.

God Bless Texas! With the new law, I suppose it is time to considering shelling out the cash for the HK USP45 Tactical pistol and keeping it safely available in my home. Here is a little video for ya!

USP Tactical Video from hkpro.com

3 thoughts on “Texans are “a well-armed people”!

  1. Came across your website and thought I would drop you a line. Sounds as though you are doing great! Would love to catch up, since it has only been ten years or so.:) Remember me your Missouri friend from Baylor?? Send me an email if you get some time. Take care – Tiffany

  2. do you really think you can handle something so big?? it’s hard to see anything at all tactical about it. seriously i hope you can get it. where are you on the competition stuff?

  3. Shot my dad’s Ruger 40 caliber two weekends ago and loved it. Supposedly a 45 has more power but not so abrupt/fast of a kick and some consider it more manageable as a result. Plus the HK has a unique recoil reduction system in it.

    As for size, well, as you might remember I have big hands and that gun is not likely to get away from me. Now, if we were talking a revolver or 50 caliber or something, then it would be a different story. Dunno, we’ll see. My brother just bought a 45 caliber Glock 21, so maybe I will get to shoot that before I buy.

    Competition shooting… I am still very interested but lacking in time, money, and a pistol. First things first I suppose. If I get to do it, I will probably start with IDPA and then USPSA events.

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