Blake has pointed me to Ragamuffin a few times before, but today was the first time I lurked around very long. Viewing Ragamuffins video about a new goal to climb Mt. Whitney (and not just lose weight for the sake of it) reminded me of something I have committed to do but have not yet blogged about.

Four years ago in the summer of 2003 I road RAGBRAI XXXI on my sweet Colnago road bike. Don’t let the nice language on that site fool you:

While RAGBRAI XXXI weighed in as the sixth hilliest ever, at one point passing through the Des Moines River Valley, the consensus was that the history of the area and scenery made the effort all worthwhile.

Nope. They are so wrong. It was really hard. The only thing I saw while on the bike were the bo-hineys (scientific term) of people in front of me as I humped it trying to keep up. 25 riders have died on this ride and the 2007 ride doesn’t go out until this July. It wasn’t like I didn’t train. I put in 400 miles and lost 60 lbs. on Atkins to do it. Was at a fighting weight of 203 when I left for Iowa. Not bad for a 6’4″ former country boy.

In any case, the 60 lbs. have found their way back onto my lanky frame. Every web project I take on seems to add on another 10%. Simply too much sitting going on in my life. Staying healthy is hard for me when I don’t have a goal. So, I am doing away with most entertainment in my life (not that I have much anyway) and will be ramping up a different nutrition plan (I haven’t had one) and work-out schedule (I am going to start).

The goal is to lose 70 lbs. (already dropped 5 typing this post) in 12 months so I am ready to do a heap of training rides leading up to RAGBRAI. You want in on one of the most fun weeks of your life? Here are the basics. Let me know. Seriously though, it is a blast… even if you are not at the weight you were when you graduated college (check me in 12 months, yo).

5 thoughts on “RAGBRAI or Bust

  1. get ‘em brother! I am really proud of you for taking up this goal again. Let’s see where I am on my riding schedule by next fall and see if that might be something to join you in. I am feeling hopeful today because as of two weeks ago I have set off on my own goal of eating healthier and exercising at least every other day. Walked/jogged for twenty minutes this morning with another 10 minutes of sit-ups, push-ups, and stretching. Still the fattest I have ever been, but with my metabolism, should be far from here by next week!

  2. Sweet Brett, I am glad you are committing to go! As you know, results follow goals and not the opposite… unless of course you are in an iterative process… in which case going on RAGBRAI will be even easier for you since you will have met so many smaller goals in between. Either way, you are in! Can’t wait to have that time with you and the wife. You won’t believe how much fun it actually is. Every 7-12 miles there is a town that is throwing a festival of some sort… inevitably with the oddest foods. Check this dudes writeup on the food from RAGBRAI 2004 for example.

    Now, are there any other fat pastors over here or here who want to join up on this challenge and get more healthy?

  3. Im in! Terra and i went out to whiterock to ride a few miles the other night and it brought up some fun memories of training for RAGBRAI back in 2003. What a blast that was! We really need to committ to this so that we can get the motivation to start training!!

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