What is RAGBRAI?

“What is RAGBRAI” is a question worth answering. I will be riding it at the end of next July. Wikipedia says one thing and the RAGBRAI web site says another, but let me give you my version.

It’s buses and buses and buses of people. It’s the craziest costumes you will hopefully ever see. It’s bike baptisms and Catholic worship. It’s trailers of Iowa corn on a stick, it’s having your picture made with a chicken. It’s Lance Armstrong struggling, it’s feisty grandmas to greet you in their town. It’s innovative bikes and innovative people. It’s mixing and mingling. It’s independence and teamwork. It’s getting down the road and not looking back. It’s a make shift water slide or it’s a make shift slip in slide, but not both. It’s time with friends, time alone, and time with old guys who get fat in winter. It is tent camps, and the towns you go through along the way. It’s a special memory you can’t forget.
And, you are invited. Here is even a RAGBRAI for Dummies to get you started. Get a bike and let’s go!

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