Fireproof Movie Trailer


Fireproof the Movie has been promoted in two prior blog entries of mine: Fireproof Movie and Fireproof Movie Details

Fireproof Movie News

I just got some more super exciting news in the Fireproof Movie Newsletter subscription. Thought I would share this with you:

The booking of theaters for the September 26-28 opening weekend of FIREPROOF continues at full force. There are now nearly 550 theaters confirmed, with another 200 theaters or more to be added before the movie opens.

In addition, theaters that are part of the Regal Entertainment Group—Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theatres, and Edwards Theatres—have posted their opening week show times on Fandango.

That means you can purchase tickets online today for opening weekend if the movie is opening at a Regal theater near you. Check out the link below to Fandango … and be sure to buy tickets for your friends as well!

See where FIREPROOF will be opening
Check out FIREPROOF tickets on Fandango


Fireproof Movie Trailer

In case you missed the YouTube trailer I posted previously, check out the Fireproof Movie Trailer:

I will say it again, I can’t be more excited about this movie. Don’t know if I have ever promoted someone else’s stuff as hard as I am this. I just really think this is going to start a lot of conversations with couples about their marriage.

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