Dear LazyWeb,

My wife and I are fresh out of girl names and we have a baby due in 30 hours or so (7:30am Est Friday). Just can’t seem to find the right blend of first name, middle name, and last name.

We are thus crowdsourcing the naming of the girl and asking you to give us what you think would be the best girl name for our child. There is no voting going on here, as the naming of our child is not a democracy. That would be impersonal, people. Still, you come up with something better than what we can… and we just love it, and you get the credit.

Here are the basic boundaries for what we are looking for in a name:

  • Two to two & half syllables or less first name. Three you can’t yell on the soccer field and four I may not remember. It happens.
  • Needs to work for a pale person, as she will certainly be that.
  • Needs to match the last name “Reynolds”. I may never allow her to switch out that last name, so it has to work now.
  • We’d prefer to not reuse our previous children’s names. Besides the confusion it causes, at-least one kid will turn out bitter.
  • I would prefer to stay away from first names that end in “y” since we have three of those already, but my wife is open to it and thinks we are on a roll.
  • Should have a single, common-sense spelling that is understood when given audibly to english speaking people.
  • Should not be the name of someone we didn’t like as a child.

Easy, right? Whateva, we have been trying for months.

Jump in and bail us out one of these two ways:

1. Comment on this blog entry with “Firstname Middlename Reynolds”: http://tinyurl.com/girlnames

2. Tweet “Firstname Middlename Reynolds” along with #namethatgirl

27 thoughts on “#namethatgirl

  1. Rachel something Reynolds (my favorite)
    Emma Kate Reynolds
    Kathleen (my aunt) something Reynolds
    Rose Marie (my aunt) Reynolds
    Angie Kathleen Reynolds
    Brandi something Reynolds

  2. I had a dream that I sent you a name that was perfect. It was four letters…began with an A (I think) ended with a Y …. it was not a usual name. Anyway, can’t remember the name from my dream. If I remember I will let you know.

    perhaps you can fill in the other two letters …. a crossword puzzle of sorts. A _ _ Y

    I know that does not conform with rule number 5, but at this point its all I’ve got! : ) lol

  3. Laurie Ann Reynolds
    Jacqueline Rose Reynolds
    Madeline Anne
    Evelyn Kate
    Katelyn Elizabeth
    Melody (Family last name) Reynolds

    I like names that tell you don’t have to wonder if the child is a girl? or a boy? Being in the pediatric field has made me be very conscious of naming my kids with gender -? names.

  4. Ashley Claire Reynolds
    Laura Sue Reynolds

    (Knowing the names of your other daughters, I was thinking Ashley before I saw the other commenters before me.) Just now prayed for all of you, now 5 hours away. Blessings.

  5. I am so bad with girl names, I guess that is why God gave me two precious boys. :)
    I do like Avery and Ashton as first names, not sure about middle names though. Good luck & CONGRATULATIONS on 3 beautiful girls!!! You and Ashley are truly blessed!!

  6. Thanks for the name suggestions. If we open up the first name to include those that end in ey and ie, do you have any other firstname middlename combos you like?

    It’s funny, but having other peoples input this time has really helped. First two daughters we named with no input from others. Thanks everyone!

  7. Walker Katherine Reynolds
    Walker Faith Reynolds
    Walker Kathleen Reynolds
    Ashley Kathleen Reynolds
    Ashley Katherine Reynolds
    Sarah Walker Reynolds
    Mary Kathleen Reynolds
    Katherine Jane Reynolds
    Walker Jane Reynolds

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