Lance Armstrong LIVESTRONG

I am a gushing fan of Lance Armstrong. It is true he gives no credit to an all powerful creator God for curing him from cancer, but I like him.

I like him not only because he is a Texan, but because he is more patient with the French than they deserve. I like him because he is returning to the Tour de France with only a slight hope of winning. I am not saying he cannot win, but I am saying that his motivation seems to be less about boosting his ego with an 8th win and more about promoting American Cycling and his non-profit LIVESTRONG.

In case you have been in a closet, LIVESTRONG is an organization focused on bringing awareness to and funds for cancer research and cures. It is a fantastic effort and as you can see by this brief video, people are getting into it. I especially like how friendly he is to all the people he passes on hills… taking time to converse that he really doesn’t have in his busy schedule. He has been known to be a hard core dude who is big on maintaining his privacy and training regiment, so seeing him reach out like this is encouraging.
has nice tools for getting and staying healthy as well, which fits in great with his overall goals of helping people fight cancer. I don’t know that there has ever been a more well put together cause. Contribute where you can and cheer Lance on beginning Saturday as he attempts to tackle Le Tour another time.

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