Howdy! You stumbled onto the uncelebrated blog of Jason and Ashley Reynolds. We are overall an ordinary couple with an extra-ordinary marriage. Three daughters… two shotguns… one rifle… one two cars. We love the Dallas Mavericks and we love yelling at the TV. The wife being a Louisiana native can not get enough of the NO Saints and the LSU Tigers.

We also love our church and the deep relationships that have come from it. We aren’t the kind of people who enjoy the aloof or insincere people in this world. Authenticity is as high on the list as integrity when we choose our friends. We also leave plenty of room for admission of failure and candidness about human depravity (including our own).

Whatever you are doing in life right now, we want to encourage you that: a) you are not alone, b) it could be worse, c) some things are better left unsaid, and d) it never hurts to ask.

Hope you enjoy our entries… no promises are being made here; and I hope you will hold us to that. – Jason