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Google TV

We’ve been thinking about scoring the new Google TV. Not only does it have a beautiful screen, but it also has an app platform that supposedly will run apps that run on the Android phones. We’ll see about that part, but in the meantime the box looks really interesting. I’ve played with one at the digital agency where I work - because we are beginning to look at app development for one of our customers.

Check out Google TV: Can you imagine how great Burn Notice will look on this TV?

Google Calendar

Use Google Calendar. Much like a MacBook, it will make you happy and change the way you do life. Then, share your calendar with me so I will know when you are available to have Starbucks or Skype.
If you don’t have a gmail account yet, you are a loser and lack perspective. Use it… it will save you many headaches from trying to find old emails, fighting spam, and having to delete large emails you don’t yet know are important. I will send you an invite if you can’t get one otherwise. Let me know.

Next, make lifehacker a daily read so you can learn how to use all three tools above and more. They will feed the flame of your lust for more Google services. Consider yourself warned and tempted.