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Google Calendar

Use Google Calendar. Much like a MacBook, it will make you happy and change the way you do life. Then, share your calendar with me so I will know when you are available to have Starbucks or Skype.
If you don’t have a gmail account yet, you are a loser and lack perspective. Use it… it will save you many headaches from trying to find old emails, fighting spam, and having to delete large emails you don’t yet know are important. I will send you an invite if you can’t get one otherwise. Let me know.

Next, make lifehacker a daily read so you can learn how to use all three tools above and more. They will feed the flame of your lust for more Google services. Consider yourself warned and tempted.

German Purity Law

Another beer post… I recently saw reference to the “German Purity Law” and thought it was some kind of moral code against illicit material or something. As seen below, it is actually a law about beer making. So, German companies, make war or peace in whatever adulterated way is necessary, but don’t you dare mess with the beer!

Gaffel. Especially Koelsch. Gaffel Koelsch – Privatbrauerei Gaffel Becker & Co.
The German Purity Law is the oldest food and drink regulation still existing today and therefore effectively the world’s first consumer protection law. On the 23rd of April 1516 before a committee consisting of gentry and knights in Ingolstadt, the Duke of Bavaria Wilhelm IV proclaimed that only barley, hops and water could be used to brew beer.

Because at that time, beer was often adulterated and experiments were carried out using all kinds of herbs and spices, this law certainly led to an increase in the quality of beer. However the Duke was not primarily thinking about protecting beer drinkers from adulterated beer. His true aim was to create a secure market for Bavarian barley farmers and to ensure that the scarce supply of wheat was only used to make bread.

Regardless of the original motives, the German Purity Law has come to stand for pure beer and today provides a timely response to consumer fears of chemical additives and preservatives. It is simply an extraordinary symbol of quality and a standard gladly accepted by all German breweries, including the privately run brewery Gaffel Becker & Co. The German Purity Law has increasingly gained acceptance around the world.

Laughing at myself

As to show I have a since of humor, here is an image of me doctored up by our Director of Communications yesterday after a brief photoshoot for a bio picture for a web ministry panel I am to sit on at NRB in Feb ’07. The sun was in my eyes and I was struggling to get them open at all. He said I looked drunk, which was the apparent inspiration for the picture. Poor choice of beer though… I am a Fat Tire, Dos Equis, Shiner, or Guiness kind of guy myself. Have never even heard of that brand!


Didn’t need a reason for a nap, but now I have one

NIMH: “Power Nap” Prevents Burnout; Morning Sleep Perfects a Skill

New experiments by NIMH grantee Alan Hobson, M.D., Robert Stickgold, Ph.D., and colleagues at Harvard University show that a midday snooze reverses information overload and that a 20 percent overnight improvement in learning a motor skill is largely traceable to a late stage of sleep that some early risers might be missing.

Oh yes, I will be napping more regularly now! I have justification for napping… and you can’t call me lazy with the backing of the scientific community (though you could call me unevolved I suppose).