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Funny Tim Hawkins Chick-fil-A Song

Ashley and I are pretty serious Chick-fil-A fans. Actually the whole family loves it. This video is of Tim Hawkins performing “The Chick-fil-A Song” expresses in a funny way what Ashley and I have done on a few Sundays with telling the kids we can go to the fine establishment only to be on the way and remember it is closed. So, this video is our kind of funny.

Funny Kids Excuses

Found this cute post titled The Devil Made Him Do It. Seriously.

A few minutes later, he sidled up to his dad. “I boughted you a flashlight,” he crowed, holding it out gleefully. “See?”

“You’re not supposed to tell me about that!” Dennis sputtered.

“I gotted it for you and I’m going to tell you about it,” Bruiser said stoutly.

The kid’s impossible. Impossible, I tell you!

Worst of all, of course, is the fact that he keeps trying to peep at his own presents. This led to a taped confession, where he informed me that he was not responsible for his actions. Check this out:

EU Banning Toys Instead of Focusing on the Important Stuff

I would say that the EU is putting more time on child toy oversight than they are on Social and Immigration Issues. Will American follow in the way it is beginning to regulate consumers and businesses?

“All teddie bears meant for children under the age of three will now have to be fully washable because EU regulators are concerned that dirty cuddly toys could spread disease and infection.”

“British toy manufacturers are concerned that the new rules, which include defining colouring books and anything played with by under-14s, could drive up the price of Christmas presents because of the cost of safety tests.”

“You might say that small children have been blowing up balloons for generations, but not anymore and they will be safer for it,” said an official.


5 Ways to Bless Your Children Daily

This week while listening to a Family Life radio show in the car, I was struck again by how fast little girls grow up. With three of my own, and having never had sisters, at times I worry I am doing this dad thing wrong. Is it self-doubt, the lack of a manual, or the very real tension between family time and providing for these daughters that makes me shudder at times with “what-ifs”?

Just do it. That was the theme of a video I posted on last week that I am taking really seriously. So what does that look like with the kids? It means I have to do this right and allow myself no excuses when giving my babies my all, both at home and at work.

Here are a few things I am reiterating verbally daily with my daughters. Usually these bursts of blessings involves some kind of physical touch, even if it is just tickling. I am labeling this “5 Ways to Bless Your Children Daily”. Tell them:

1. God made you special and unique, and he has a plan just for you sweetheart. And I am so proud to be your dad.

2. I was thinking, I love ______ about you darlin. I also love _______.

3. No growing up little girl (said jokingly). Do you need a spanking for growing up so fast? Did you know no matter how old you get, you’ll always be my little girl and I’ll love you no matter what?

4. Like your sisters, you make me so happy. You are growing up to be such a wonderful young lady and I know you are going to do great things someday.

5. Do you know how much I love you? I love you from the moon to the sun and back again. I love you so much, but can you imagine that I love your mom even more? Well I do!

There’s obviously more to raising daughters than just words, but I also know each blessing I speak over them that they believe is a stored treasure that someday they are going to need. If you have sons, adjust the above accordingly but do it no less frequently or tenderly.

So what am I missing that little girls need to know or hear? Comment and let us know your idea.

Are We Generous?

Today at the church where I work we brought in some folks from the National Christian Foundation to discuss the topic of Generosity. Not just talking about giving here, but about our hearts condition toward being benevolent, poured out, and surrendering our rights. Was really cool to spend the day watching videos and processing what it meant to us individually with-in small groups. At the end, all the staff broke up into 8 groups and listed out what could be possible if our whole church caught an infection of generosity. My group alone came up with 19 world-changing outcomes of a large group of people becoming ridiculously generous.

How Generous are You? If you are like me, then not enough! Well here is the video that kicked off our morning together and really set the tone.

Lastly, you can find more videos on Generosity at


Dear LazyWeb,

My wife and I are fresh out of girl names and we have a baby due in 30 hours or so (7:30am Est Friday). Just can’t seem to find the right blend of first name, middle name, and last name.

We are thus crowdsourcing the naming of the girl and asking you to give us what you think would be the best girl name for our child. There is no voting going on here, as the naming of our child is not a democracy. That would be impersonal, people. Still, you come up with something better than what we can… and we just love it, and you get the credit.

Here are the basic boundaries for what we are looking for in a name:

  • Two to two & half syllables or less first name. Three you can’t yell on the soccer field and four I may not remember. It happens.
  • Needs to work for a pale person, as she will certainly be that.
  • Needs to match the last name “Reynolds”. I may never allow her to switch out that last name, so it has to work now.
  • We’d prefer to not reuse our previous children’s names. Besides the confusion it causes, at-least one kid will turn out bitter.
  • I would prefer to stay away from first names that end in “y” since we have three of those already, but my wife is open to it and thinks we are on a roll.
  • Should have a single, common-sense spelling that is understood when given audibly to english speaking people.
  • Should not be the name of someone we didn’t like as a child.

Easy, right? Whateva, we have been trying for months.

Jump in and bail us out one of these two ways:

1. Comment on this blog entry with “Firstname Middlename Reynolds”:

2. Tweet “Firstname Middlename Reynolds” along with #namethatgirl

Front Row Seat at Life

I love that my daughters have the same persistent curiosity about life that my wife and I have. This afternoon’s birthday party had my daughters nudging the other kids for the front row seat at the backyard, portable petting zoo. They love exploring new things.

Here is the run down:

Time to get back on the waterslide or in the bouncehouse or pool. Gotta go.

Swamp Buggy

When mom and dad were over here in West Palm Beach a few weeks back, we went out to the South Florida Shooting Sports gun club where I am a member for some shooting. We took the whole family because Lily just loves to go out and watch me shoot. An incredible storm came up out of nowhere, so the shooting didn’t last long. We even were hailed on.

My buddy Jeff, the owner/operator of the club, had arranged a swamp buggy tour of the nearby 3,000 acre wild game ranch. Being right after a storm, the animals were out tending to whatever they saw fit to do. My two girls had an awesome time checking out the wild goats, blackbuck, red deer, fallow deer, sika deer, and water buffalo. We even saw a bobcat and a pheasant couple. It was really unreal.

I wasn’t familiar with swamp buggies before I moved to Florida, and just assumed everyone went around in airboats. Texas obviously has large vehicles that are very capable for off-roading, but this thing is more equivalent to a mini monster truck or a logging skidder. This isn’t the best photo, but it should give you a glimpse of the beast. My dad is about 6’0″ to give you some perspective.

The Ride of Our Lives