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In other words, he could get fired for saying something stupid online that implicates or embarrasses people, just like he could get fired for doing the same off-line. This is generally true with any company who values their reputation and good name.

As such, let’s pray he doesn’t say or do something stupid that would both embarrass my family name and get me fired. Something like this or this may have been testing the waters too much, I dunno. If his wife ever reads this family blog, he’s sure we will all hear about it.

One other note. What people write in comments on this site isn’t controlled by us. While we may keep the profanity and the abusers off the site, we want people to have open dialog about what they think and feel. Life is hard, and some people are too. We are mature enough to understand that people bring their baggage with them wherever they go, and the internet is again no different. Please be patient with those you don’t agree with or who rub you the wrong way. They have their own crosses to bare and their own judgment to pass. Besides, they may be our family, coworkers, or arch enemies. Let’s treat them all with respect.