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Christians Persecuted Even More

In case you haven’t heard, our already corrupt world is filled with acts of hate by Muslims. Not only can we read about a mass rape in the Congo in which 240 dear women were harmed horrifically, now there is this story of Christians being excluded from aid in the flooded areas of Pakistan. In fact, local governments are routing the flood waters away from Muslim landowners and into Christian and lower-class villages without warning. Below are snippets from the story, or read the whole article here: http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/72113

Christians in Pakistan’s flood-hit regions are doubly affected by the disaster as a result of anti-Christian discrimination by government relief workers and Muslim aid agencies, according to representatives of the embattled minority.

According to the Pakistan Christian Congress (PCC), Muslim relief organizations and government agencies have been denying assistance to Christians affected by the flooding in Punjab province.

The PCC organ Pakistan Christian Post described the southern Punjab was a “hotbed” of extremist organizations which view Christians as “infidels.” It said local officials in fear of the radical elements were barring Christians from tent camps for flood victims.