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Cleburne Gas Explosion

A gas explosion and subsequent fire today near the town of Cleburne, Texas was heard and see as far as 40 miles away. Our hearts go out to anyone hurt in this tragedy that seems to have started when a crew drilling footings for electrical power-line towers ruptured a 35-inch natural gas supply line.

In the photos below you can see both the fire (shot awhile after the explosion) and also the charred remains of the truck that was doing the drilling. The drilling truck was huge and was flipped upside down thirty or more feet from the explosion and was just obliterated.

One theory is that the cleared-out right-of-way of the Cleburne natural gas line didn’t represent where the gas line actually was. Where they were drilling was on the very edge of the right-of-way and it appears from an overhead view that they should have been safe in drilling there.

Cleburne Explosion Fire Seen From Miles Away
35 Inch Gas Line Explosion Near Cleburne Texas
Cleburne Drilling Truck After Natural Gas Explosion