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Funny Tim Hawkins Chick-fil-A Song

Ashley and I are pretty serious Chick-fil-A fans. Actually the whole family loves it. This video is of Tim Hawkins performing “The Chick-fil-A Song” expresses in a funny way what Ashley and I have done on a few Sundays with telling the kids we can go to the fine establishment only to be on the way and remember it is closed. So, this video is our kind of funny.

Talented Homeless Man Rediscovered

After turning to God, a homeless man with an amazing voice is being offered voice and radio work all over American. You can hear him tell his story in the video below, but I especially love about Tedd Williams story is that it is the story of all of us. We are all a couple of poor decisions away from destroying our lives. It is by God’s Grace and provision that we have anything at all. Check it out:

Video on Doing More with Less

During this career transition over the last six months, we’ve had to be super careful and even scale back in some areas. It has always been my opinion though that we Westerners don’t know how great we have it. I live in a 1,500 Sq Ft apartment with four girls, and some people would pity me for that. When I was in Mexico and later in India, I really got a sense for how spoiled we are, so my perspective is that I live in a mansion. Ran across this video a couple of weeks back and I can’t stop thinking about it. It reminds me that creativity and a healthy mindset go along way toward helping us be content in any living situation.

Do You Have Rad Moves?

“Check me, I got some Rad moves… the Rad Rad Rad moves… Check it out hey!”
a little bit later…
“How about you dude, what can you do?”

Silly, right? This favorite Backyardigans clip of our family has a lot to learn from it in way of finding people who challenge you and that can be equally challenged back. We learn in our friendships by sharing what we know as much as what we have.

What are you willing to share with those around you that might not only be fun but give them the Rad moves they need to do what you both love?

Are We Generous?

Today at the church where I work we brought in some folks from the National Christian Foundation to discuss the topic of Generosity. Not just talking about giving here, but about our hearts condition toward being benevolent, poured out, and surrendering our rights. Was really cool to spend the day watching videos and processing what it meant to us individually with-in small groups. At the end, all the staff broke up into 8 groups and listed out what could be possible if our whole church caught an infection of generosity. My group alone came up with 19 world-changing outcomes of a large group of people becoming ridiculously generous.

How Generous are You? If you are like me, then not enough! Well here is the video that kicked off our morning together and really set the tone.

Lastly, you can find more videos on Generosity at Generositybook.com

What is Twitter?

What is Twitter you ask? Well, what it is (a status update) can be explained more simply than why it is. You see people Twitter for all kinds of reasons, just like people blog and journal or keep a diary for many unique reasons. Recently I was quizzed by some extended family about why I would want to be an exhibitionist and reveal all my personal information. They pressed that it seemed assumptive to think anyone would care about every detail of my day.

I didn’t take offense to this, as it is a reasonable question. For me, Twittering is a way of leaving artifacts of the days and months that speed by way too fast. I can review my words and remember the mile markers of my life, who I was walking the road with, and what it meant to me at the time. For me, this is reason enough to write 140 characters a few times a day about something only I care about.

Twitter is many things to many people, but to me Twitter is not a marketing platform, it is a journaling system that is more simple than any method ever. I also use it as an easy way to share links, grab news, keep up with my friends, and message people when I want to connect with them. Still, these purposes are all secondary to my desire to easily document the simplest things about my life that I won’t remember 2, 10, 30 years from today.

Twitter in Plain English is a video I thought I would share for all you who haven’t experienced Twitter but are dabbling with the idea of creating an account. This will give you the basics, but feel free to ask questions in a comment if you have some.

Twitter in Plain English from leelefever on Vimeo.